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Logo Designs

Your Corporate Identity is a business asset. It must be actively managed to yield positive results. When corporate identity or branding is mentioned, very often people think about logo design, slogans, or even marketing. However, corporate identity is much more than that. It's what make major corporations recognizable at a glance, and what helps smaller businesses generate repeat sales. Simply put, corporate identity is the image that your business presents to the world. Your corporate logo reinforces your marketing message and gives you the visibility, credibility, and recognition that are essential to helping your business grow and prosper. As such, your corporate identity becomes one of your most valuable business assets. And like any other business asset, it must be managed properly if you want positive results.

Print Designs

Successful organizations build their businesses based on an understanding of their community and customers, a vision for what they want to achieve and a plan for how they are going to get there. We provide the experience, energy and creativity to help you do just that. We create and produce ideas that meet our clients' needs, plus a little more than they expect. We also know a clever idea is meaningless if it doesn't communicate the right message. Once we've helped you identify your vision and goals we will develop a practical plan that meets your needs and meets your budget. Our services include: Ad Campaigns- Print, broadcast, electronic and more Direct Mail - Creative development to in home, targeted lists Collateral Materials - Brochures, catalogs, newsletters, business materials Displays - Trade show displays, banners, posters, billboards, museum exhibits, showroom design

Billboard Designs

Billboard advertising is the perfect medium businesses for target marketing along a busy highway or street. By putting your message on billboards. You'll be within eye view of thousand of commuters, everyday. We can design and find the best cost effective advertising needs. So either your looking for traditional billboard advertising or electronic billboard advertising. Here at Kentucky Indiana Web group, we can handle every aspect of your business needs.

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