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Locally owned and operated by a small family owned business for over 19 years. We started operations in August 1996, after being downsized. After working in sales for many years. Jeff knew how to convert opportunities into sales.
With a background in art and computers that date back many years ago. I was in many art shows growing up. Specializing in painting, drawing and clay fixtures.
Some of my art has been featured in the Swope Art Gallery, in Terre Haute, Indiana and I even placed 1st place, in one of the county-wide art shows for scratch drawing.
My computer background, I also used to do some programming, from my Commodore Vic 20, long before Computers were anywhere near a common household item.

My first personal computer was a Compac 368 ad back in the day, we had blazing speeds of 2400bps. To give you an idea, on that. It took about 3 hours, to download a simple photo.

Over the years, my love for computers and creativity from art never diminished.
That ended up carrying over into web design, many years later.
My first website was horrible, took nearly 10 minutes to download and I was stumped.
So, I looked around, looking at other quality websites and trying to learn, how they were successful, not only in layout and design, but in speed and performance in converting surfers, into sales.

Through out our journeys. We have been actively employed and also done numerous ventures for companies worldwide.
Also, in December of 2013, Jeff was featured in Photoshop User Magazine, in regards to his work.
So being said, as you can see. We come heavily experienced to be feature in such a prestigious magazine, in regards to the worlds best graphic and web designers.

Today, myself and our team of designers and programmers have an enormous wealth of creativity, knowledge and experience to pass onto our clients to help make them successful. We pride ourselves in creating the "Perfect Mousetrap".

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