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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

social media marketingWhat is Social Media Marketing?
Nowadays, everyone has some sort of social media that they are using. Whether they realize it or not. Social Media sites are a process where people, like yourself, gain attention for their business or services, through social media websites.

Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube and the list goes on. Today there are hundreds of social media marketing websites out there, some small and some are massive, like Facebook.

Perhaps you’ve seen some sort of product or service, trying to get likes or possible shared something with your friends, that you thought was cool or neat.
That’s Social Media Marketing. Today, Social Media Websites can turn a powerful message into extremely high-value backlinks, for your website.


Social Media Marketing & SEO

social media strategyHaving a strong social media marketing plan is essential to long-term SEO success.
Search Engines like Google, Bing and others not only mark up your website based on user experience, tags, keywords, content and high-quality backlinks. They also count social media user engagement as well.
Plus, any social media mentions/links count as super powerful backlinks to your website.
Take a look at social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others.
Those websites are among the very highest in Domain Authority ratings and help bolster your website into a very powerful portfolio that search engines love. Social Media Marketing is a very important factor that plays heavily upon SERPs rankings.
We’ll work together to come up with the betting plan for a social media strategy that works best for you and your business.

How We Do Social Media Marketing

social mediaWe currently have a massive social media network of tens of thousands of followers in about every social media platform around. With our massive network, our followers share, tweet, like statuses on their own networks and before you know it. You’ll have anywhere from hundreds at first, to several thousand quite quickly.
It’s nothing uncommon for our clients to have 3000-5000 social media signals across those platforms, in a single month. Some, even much more than that.

Depending on how aggressive you want us to be. We can do tens of thousands.
But, keep in mind. This isn’t a one time deal. For this to be properly done. When we send out our message and it’s picked up among our people. It’ll quickly spread, kind of like a pyramid effect.

Our social media packages should, in reality be a project that you’re willing to commit for a few months.

Also, our social media packages are always included in our SEO strategies to give you maximum full and a natural effect.