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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), there is a long list of things that come into play in what determines your presence in the SEO ranking.

There is a list of things that come into play when Google looks at your website. Your title tag
Tags on your website. Meta, Keywords, alt tags, Twitter and Facebook cards.
I could go on and on, this stuff.
The content on your website. The text plays a MAJOR role, along with keywords/phrases that go along with your text. Also the correct anchor tags, internal links within your website.
Backlinks also play a major role in determining how relevant your website is within the search engines. You can’t Spam to get the SERPs. But make it flow and natural.
Social Media is also playing a major roll in determining your SERP ranking. It’s much more than just having a Facebook page with a few likes. You really need tens of thousands of social media engagements.

You could do all this yourself and spend months, upon months learning on how to do SEO.
But, we can do it MUCH faster, help build a massive Domain Authority portfolio, organic search results, super ultra rich website with natural backlink building that are RELEVANT to your website and that also produces quality traffic from people that are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

We are a U.S.A based Louisville SEO Agency.
that specializes in safe and proven SEO strategies that improve ranking and traffic increases in as little, as 30 days.

Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird Compliant

We look at your website from a total 360 degree perceptive to ensure that everything is on point, from your websites anchor text ratio’s to your head tags.
We analyze your website from top to bottom and correct any mistakes we may find.

Total Website Analysis & SEO Implementation

We’ll conduct an in-depth keyword/ keyphrase analysis to identify the TOP 10 most profitable and high volume keywords to target your website. Some of these keywords/key phrases are long-tailed that rank very high in the search engines and are actively searched by thousands each day. Implementation of properly optimized keywords and phrases density of all URL’s and keywords targeted. We conduct a thorough analysis to ensure proper keyword density and uncover any possible areas of your website that your website may need.
Analysis and Implementation of proper on-page SEO.
We will help you create SEO friendly URL‘s and implement them with the proper meta titles and descriptions.

Revolutionary Link Building Campaigns

Louisville SEO CompanyThe SEO scene has drastically changed over the last few years and in order to stay on top of the game, it is vital that you have plans that are both safe and effective for building traffic while increasing your SERP rankings.

While it’s extremely difficult to keep up with all the changes that Google, Bing, and others throw at you on a daily bases. That’s where we come in. Therefore, we’ll conduct all of our link building campaigns in a White Hat manner and drip them at a natural way, to ensure our campaigns look natural and organic in order to prevent any footprints for Google to detect.


Powerhouse Tier 2 Links & Indexing

Building tier 2 backlinks requires a lot of hard work and time nowadays to get your
links indexed.
Plus, if you build backlinks that never get indexed, then your time and effort have been wasted. We have a solution!!!

We conquer this by building powerful tier 2 backlinks and use several indexing services to ensure that all links that we have built are crawled and indexed by Google and Bing, giving you the best bang for your buck.

Daily Drip of Social Signals & Web Traffic

I’m sure you’ve been informed on how much authority and power Google gives to websites that are popular and shared amongst the top social media websites.
We recognize this vital and powerful ranking variable and thus have incorporated it into each of our campaigns. Each month you can expect the following activities to be carried out and built. Random and Natural drip feeds of …

Real Web Traffic

1,000+ Human Visitors


100+ Powerful Twitter Tweets

Google Plus

50+ Google Plus Shares

Real People Sharing Post

100+ Facebook Shares


Post anything customize everything, and find and follow what you love.


30 Powerful Delicious Shares


5 Pinterest Pins

StumbleUpon ( Mix)

50+ Powerful StumbleUpon Shares

Powerful Social Bookmarks

Folkd Bookmarks!!!

Shared Content across the networks

The 1000’s+ Tagged Shares

Revolutionary Personal Private Blog Network

This is a very new and cutting edge method of link building and is considered not only the BEST but the safest most powerful methods of ranking high in the SERPs even for the most competitive niches and keywords.
Imagine your own private blog network…
We handcraft you 10 beautiful Web 2.0’s on the most popular and authoritative HIGH Web 2.0 platforms. Plus, it doesn’t stop there…
Every month we build over 10,000+ HIGH Domain Authority backlinks to each and every of the Web 2.0’s we have built for you, making it the ultimate buffer sites!!!
After a few months, your mini blog network will be so powerful that it will act as a super booster and shoot your rankings through the roof!!!