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If you type in a word or phrase in Search you get a huge amount of references as a result. There are some entries at tips for sites with the word ‘Ad’ on a green box. Well, those are the companies that have paid Google upfront to display their pages in reply to the keyword you have typed in.

What about the entries that come later. Let us say you sell t-shirts with a brand name ‘Froggys Custom Shirts’ and along with anxiety to pay Google showing your Company Page a good ‘Ad’ in response along with search for the word ‘Froggys Custom Shirts’ or ‘t-shirts’, how can you ensure your company page comes right on top of the first page? Google’s web crawler will pick on your organization webpage and use the keyword attributes to associate your company page to ice creams and many ‘Froggys Custom Shirts’ but to decide the order it appears in the result set, Google uses its algorithm to decide on the rankings. This algorithm is a secret, it is not disclosed to anyone. It’s the job of the SEO to try to guess out the algorithms. Moreover, the algorithms are always changing daily.

One of the factors that give a particular page a higher ranking with reference to a particular keyword is the reference of the Company Page in other pages in the whole world wide web. Its akin to hearing people talk about a particular movie means that it must be a relevant movie for movie lovers, without evaluating if people are talking well or ill towards a movie. That is actually tall order, you can make millions of web pages an have a backlink to your company page referenced to the keyword you want. But Google page rankers are cunning. They discredit the reference if it has meant less text, or bad grammar or is really a copy of some other text on the vast web.

This is where the role of content writers makes the picture. SEOs employ content writers to write articles, blogs, Press Releases which are posted online. These websites have tools to analyze the content before Google bot analyses the content and can suggest improvements. The more large number of unique articles and blogs you have with high domain backlinks on the keywords or phrases to your company page the higher will it appear on the google listing for those keywords you want to rank for.

So, in turn. It’s always best to have someone write your content or at least content proof it to where it helps you in the long run.