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Website design layouts

Website design layouts

Website design layouts

When it comes down to website design.  In reality, people are just plain stupid. Myself included at times.
As an example. Have you ever visited a website and it was cluttered, unorganized to where you couldn’t find any information or what you were looking for?
When it comes down to web design. A lot of factors come into play. Not only making things look pretty. But layouts for surfers is crucial. People are just plain stupid, impatient, distracted, whatever you may call it when it comes to computers and the internet.
I know, I’m guilty of it myself.

So, if you want a quality website to where…..

  • surfers get to your website. You want them to find all the information needed and easily. If not, then you will lose them to another website and they will make the sale.

    As a graphic designer myself and with over 18 years experience in web design. I’ve ran into this problem myself with many clients, confused on what they want. So, when either building your own site or having a web designer build it for you. The very first thing to do is make sure, you are very clear on your “message” your trying to get across to Joe Surfer.
    Find a few websites you like, the layouts, colors, etc and use that as your framework.
    Grab a piece of paper and draw out what you ‘vision” your layout to look like.

    • Headers

      Do you want your header to just be he logo or have it blended in with a nice header photo?

    • Menu

      Vertical or horizontal? (Horizontal menus will somewhat split the page off top whatever side you want and lose about 20% of the article space.)
      Also, if you have a nice header with a vertical menu. Then it would be wise to have it blend in with the website and not chopped off like a block header.
      Also, some vertical menu’s with pull out menu bars and further cover up your message. That’s why I suggest them being horizontal. That way, you have full page width to get your message across. Plus, t doesn’t cover up what your selling or your message.

    • Colors are important!

      When it comes to colors. People react to certain colors.
      Have you ever been to a website where everything was dark and grungy or to a website that was bright, cheerful, colorful? How were your feeling on the 2 websites?
      Dark colors tend to drown down some people while bright colors, such as reds, orange, yellow, bright blue, lighter greens, tend to catch peoples attention.
      Ever notice a LOT of text links are in bright red? That’s because red is an aggressive color and tents to catch people’s emotions and attention.

      Darker colors are OK. But black, grays, darker colors tend to drown out people.

      When it comes to article areas. I highly suggest using only black or white. Depending on your text. Say black text on a white background or white text on a black background. Use a solid color for one or another.
      Off solid colors, gradients, etc. Maybe hard on peoples eyes.
      Imagine trying to read something in black text, on a red, darker grey, green, or so on, background color. See my point?
      You want to make sure, your surfers can clearly ready your message.

    • Fonts

      There are hundreds of thousands of of fonts’ (different lettering). it’s always best to pick something that is uniformed and standard on all operating systems. Some fonts that aren’t installed on someone’s computer, they won’t be able to see them anyway. Plus, if they can, make sure they area respectable site to where people with bad eyesight can actually read them. If they can’t read them, you’ll lose them as a surfer and someone else gets the sale.

    So as you can see. There are a few factors that com into play in a quality website.
    Regardless if your a client of ours. If you have any questions. I may take a bit for us to get back with you. But, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We’ll help anyone with questions in layouts, etc.

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