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How Social Media affects your online business.

How Social Media affects your online business.

Social Media

One of the things that I constantly talk about with my clients is the need for Social Media to help your website grow.
But there is a bit of confusion I think among some of my clients understanding what it actually does and doesn’t do.

I see many people who have online businesses where they use social media as their only platform to try and gain visibility.
They either use social for their business and forget their website or try and run a website, without the use of social media.
They rarely use both together as a tool to where it honestly makes an impact with their online business.

While talking to a client yesterday. He mentioned he had 4 websites and didn’t have time to really run all of them.  I told him, there is a way to working smart, than hard.
Granted, you always want to work hard with your online business. But, also work it smart.
This gentleman is one of the hardest working clients I’ve ever had. He spends countless hours constantly working on his headings, descriptions, keywords, tags, you name it.
This guy is relentless and is determined to make it work.
I highly admire him for that.

So, I’m going to break it down to how I do social media.
I wrote a little gem a while back. But, I think some of it was forgotten or missed for one reason or another.

Here it goes.
When I use social media for my websites. I use it with the incorporation of my blogs.
Why? Becuase it builds content for your website (pages)

1. The headline of your Blog Post or Social Media headline.
As I wrote an article yesterday. If you missed it. I suggest go to my website and read it.
When I write an article or even something I want to post and share on social media. I’ll write up a blog post.
There I’ll carefully write up a description that will use my keywords, but also grab the surfers attention, and offer a solution to their problems.

2. Carefully write the message in the blog post.
While writing my message. Whether it’s an article, a review of something accomplished, selling a product, etc.
Don’t just post a photo of something and say, I’m selling such and such, then only to spam it out there.

Carefully write the description of what it is. But don’t write it too long.
Just something simple, straight to the point.
This is where people get lost in some blog posts, social media posts, whatever.
They are in a hurry and spam away.
Take your time.  You never know while writing something if it may go viral or even grab a few sales.
A few sales are better than nothing at all.

3. Do the SEO on the blog post.
While writing the blog post. Think of the use of keywords you’re targetting. Always highlight the keywords with the use of BOLD lettering.
Then place a link or two to various pages on your website, that’s relevant to what you are posting about.

Now, I’ll explain the Social Media side of it.

What does Social Media do?
It does a number of things. It allows your content to possibly go viral and shared among thousands and millions of surfers.
It builds an extremely high backlink from the Social Media website.

Let us look at a few Domain Authority (DA) scores.

https://twitter.com DA 100.00
https://www.facebook.com DA 100
https://plus.google.com DA 99
https://www.linkedin.com DA 98

So, posting to those social media accounts also not only creates a super high backlink. But it also creates social signals to help boost your Domain Authority while letting your message out to possibly millions and millions of surfers.

4. Finalizing my Blog Posts.

When I make my blog post.
I not only pop it on my blog.
But, I use a little-known plugin on WordPress called, Blog2Social.
What Blog2Social does it take my blog post and populate it EVERYWHERE.
Blog2Social will then post to over a dozen and a half social media websites, with one simple push of a button.
But, before I push that button. I’ll go in and make sure the Twitter and other social media websites hashtags are correct.
Why post to Twitter, Tumblr, Medium and a few others without proper hashtags?
Without making sure your post is complete and hurrying. Then you wasting your efforts.

The Process of Social Media.

Now, you’ve written your blog post, done all the SEO on it.
Made sure your headline grabs the surfers attention, offers a solution and is to the point.
The message inside your blog post is straight forward and clear.
You add your post to your blog, making it live.  Now it’s time to share it with the social media world.
Click on the Blog2Social button and make sure all hashtags, keyword fields are filled in and corrected.
Now push the  “Share” button at the bottom of the screen.
Then give it a few minutes to populate.

I’ve also attached a graphic to give you a better understanding of what the process of blogging, SEO, and Social Media all have together.
That way, your not “killing 2 birds with one stone”. But knocking out a whole pile with one swing.
social media signals

Now, you’re getting the understanding of working hard, but also smart.
You’re posting to anywhere to 10-20 or so social media accounts with one swing of the bat.
Talk about saving time.

But doing this trick, you can build mass pages of content which will help boost your ranking with the keywords/phrases you want.
Plus, it’ll build super-powerful backlinks, chances to go viral is written correctly and with the correct use of hashtags.
You’ll quickly build not only your SEO rankings but gain thousands of followers quickly, social media shares which get’s your message, product or whatever blasted all over the world.
With the correct way of doing things. Social Media can be ultra powerful if used properly.

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