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No Money for Professional SEO? This is how you do it.



Professional SEO can be expensive.
Getting ranked higher without the budget to is no easy task. But you start with selecting the right keywords.
Now, you can’t go selecting the really high-end keywords for your META Tags and Keywords. Some of those keywords are really difficult to get ranked for if you don’t have the domain rating or backlinks to support them.
So, how do you do it?

1. Selecting your target keywords right.

The number one question you should have is, are you selecting the correct targeted keywords, based on your domain authority(strength).
One popular software that I use to determine these keywords and phrases is Longtail Pro.
In fact, it’s what a LOT of Professional SEO guys use as well.
They’ll tell you what people are searching for, the average daily number of searches and what Domain Authority average you need to rank for those.
Let’s look at the graphic below.

As you can see. It’ll find all of the keyphrases people are searching for in a certain category, the average number of searches via Google, advertiser competition and average keyword competitiveness (Domain Authority) to rank.
Now, say your average Domain Authority (DA)is 37. You’ll need to be in that ballpark range to rank for those.
So, by selecting the right keyphrases might actually drive you some pretty decent traffic. Maybe not as high as “Acne”, “Acne treatment” or “Adult Acne Treatment”. But the other key phrases depending on how you set your pages up will give you those higher rankings and in turn, drives traffic to your website.

I like to use the lower KC (Domain Authority) because they are much easier to rank for and a few hundred people a day, off a keyphrase, is better than missing out completely because you want to rank for the high-end keyphrases which you have no chance of getting, yet.
It takes time, work and a LOT of patience to be able to build up to those keyphrases.

Now, Longtail Pro does cost a monthly charge. But if you have a single website and need to get all the key phrases analysis quickly. Try Longtail Pro for free, for a week.

2. Weave those high keywords and phrases into your SEO content naturally.

Now, one thing that I tell people that content is king. Why?? Because this is where you build up your keyword competitiveness.
This is why I write blog posts every day. As I write, I am building my content and also gaining useful traffic to filter to my main website and pick up potential new clients.

As I write my content. You’ll see me make bolded out keywords or phrases, with links that point to my main page.
However, I don’t overdo it. Just a link or two will do. But your topic key phrase is what you write about.
Rather than focusing on what Professional SEO guys used to know as “keyword density,” the only factor that matters now is to make sure your target keywords appear at least once in the right places.

This includes the following elements in a post:

  • Meta Description
  • Post/Page Title
  • Headline
  • Subheadlines
  • Main Body
  • Image File Name and Alt Text

With my blog posts. I use Expand SEO. It’ll give me a map of everything I need to help write out a post.
Wait, so integrating keywords into a post is that easy?
Not so fast. Apart from knowing the page elements where you must insert keywords, there are also a few things you need to remember in order to maximize the benefit of well-targeted keywords for your search engine rankings.

The graphic below from backlinko.com sums it up perfectly.

3. Build Quality SEO Backlinks

First of all, you need to build quality backlinks to your website, that are relevant to what you do.
How do you do that? Search for blogs, within the type of website you have.
As stated from the first graphic. Say you’re selling “skin care products”. Then you need to target blogs, news articles, anything with a commenting system where you can leave a detailed comment, along with your name and link to your website.

Unless you use a Professional SEO company like Kentucky Indiana Web Group. It can take some time to do.
Professional SEO companies like us. We can build tens of thousands in a relatively quick amount of time.

Outside of that, if you’re on a tight budget. A target like 10-15 a day and just each write a custom blog post. Don’t copy and paste because Google will catch it. But write something tailored to that website, regarding on their topic and leaving your name and website URL.
Ten posts a day equals over 300 posts a month. It’s not a lot but it helps and you’ll even get traffic off those websites.

Hey, it’s better than nothing.


4. Post your content on Social Media.

After I write something up. Do what the Professional SEO Guru’s do. Post it on Social Media and let it take control.
No, when I do a blog post. I populate it to websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and a handful of others.
Plus, I sign my signature at the bottom, of my post. Like you’ll see shortly.
Every time I share my posts on social media. I not only gain a very high authoritative backlink. But, I also gain a social signal.
Plus, anyone that “shares” my posts or articles on their social media websites. I gain even more social signals and high DA backlinks.

Plus the great thing is, you’re also giving your content more exposure, which also increases the likelihood of earning natural links from social media influencers.

Last, promoting content on social media is usually an incredible way to build traffic to your website. All of these benefits contribute to your website’s overall rank worthiness while allowing you to attain higher search engine rankings for your chosen keywords.

Wrapping it all up.

It’s a process, it’s a process.
With hard work, taking your time as you work over your website, writing a post and taking these steps. You’ll gradually build your SEO will saving some money without the use of Guru’s.

But, I will say this. doing it yourself can easily be achievable.
But if you needing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of backlinks and all the heavy lifting.
Consider hiring Professional SEO Guru’s like us to do all the boring grunt work for you.

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