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What are LSI Keywords?

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI Keywords
What is LSI?

Ok, so yesterday I wrote an article called, “Article Writing To Help Promote Websites
I must admit. It didn’t go deep enough into how to get maximized effect from your articles.
Today, I’m going to show you how.http://www.kyinwebgroup.com/blog/article-writing-promote-websites/

When people write articles. They write about whatever the topic maybe. But some of the things, when writing the articles, content for your websites or whatever it may be.
Think about including what they call LSI Keywords into it.
LSI Keywords are essentially keywords related to the keyword that you search for on search engines such as Google. Basically, they are keywords that are semantically linked to your main keyword.
So, according to Google. Incorporating more LSI Keywords into your page/ articles will help you get ranked higher.
Why?? Because in a sense, they are all relevant to the main Keyword/phrase.

Why LSI Keywords?

I’m going to use an example here.
I use a FREE tool called LSI Graph.
With LSI Graph, you can type in a term and get the relevant LSI Keywords/phrases that go with your main keyword.

SO, my main topic is SEO.
When I type in SEO, these are the results I got below.
LSI Keyword Generator

As you can see, while writing about SEO, it’s important to use these key LSI Keywords/Phrases into my articles.
Using these LSI Keywords will help you learn SEO and getting your website on search engines.
Here, you can optimize for free.
These are top website optimization techniques used every day by top SEO Consultants.

Wrapping up LSI Keywords.

As you can clearly see. I used a handful of those LSI Keywords and can even incorporate those keywords/phrases into my main keyword tag.
So, when Google comes through. They see what the website is about and they get a full understanding of what the article is about and how to rank it due to relevancy.

SEO isn’t hard to learn. Just as anything out there, it takes the time to learn SEO.
SEO is like a game of chess. Some chess matches take a very long time to play, complete with strategies on being your opponent, Google.

If you don’t have time. Then perhaps, maybe hire a top SEO Consultant to help you get going.

Who knows, those are my thoughts for today.

LSI keywords is a must for any article or website.

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