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Give yourself a SEO Audit.


Give yourself an SEO Audit.

SEO Audit

There are many places you can go to get an SEO Audit for your website.
Some are free and some charge for their services.

I am going to show you where and how you can easily give yourself an audit without shelling out a bunch of money for software or services.

These websites/ services do not cost you a dime and are highly effective.
Don’t worry. It will only take a few minutes and plugs right into your browser.

My browser of choice is Google Chrome. However, if you don’t have Chrome. That is OK. It will work on Mozilla Firefox as well.
Not only the App, I’m going to give you not only attaches itself to Chrome.
Nevertheless, Chrome also has a powerful SEO “View Page Source” and Inspect feature where you can look directly at your code or CSS to find any errors.

My weapon of choice for software or app is SEO Quake.
Once installed. You type in your URL of the website you want to inspect. Then you click on the top right-hand corner icon, SEO Quake.
From there, it will give you TONS of information about the website.

SEO Quake

It will not only give you powerful information about your website. But, it’ll also give you metrics on your website and pages, diagnosis on the main page, backlink information, social signals and more.

From there, you click on Diagnosis and it will give you a checklist of this that have passed errors and warnings.

Fixing these errors and warnings can go a long way to help to get your website ranked higher.
In addition, not to forget, it will give you all the metrics needed without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for software.

Stay tuned for more articles in helping you overhaul your website and improve your SEO rankings.