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Eight SEO elements come into play.

Eight SEO elements come into play with your website.


When doing SEO for my clients, there are eight key elements that come into play.

1. The SEO core of your website.

When I go into a website.
I go in and make sure everything is correct in the code.
As things change on the internet. Old code that was fine a year ago, may give warnings that it isn’t recognized by search engines and make it hard for them to get you indexed and ranked.
Plus, now they have a use for Schema markup, twitter cards, canonical tags and all sorts of new things, that go into the code, so it doesn’t confuse the SEO part, in search engines.
Google Analytics so many to name.

They are constantly coming up with new things, all the time.
Blame Google, Bing and others for that.

2. Research SEO keywords and text within the website.

I do very extensive research and carefully write the text up for the website.
The SEO keywords, phrases I select. I tend to go after long-tailed keywords.
Think about when you shop online.
If you looking for furniture. Do you type in “Couch” or “Living room furniture” or would someone be more inclined to type, so, “Leather suede reclining couch”?
Think about it. No one uses one or two keywords anymore. Nowadays it is a sentence.

I go in and fix all the old and new coding errors that may pop up.
Is there a call to action button on the website, directions, etc.

I’ll make sure the text is worded correctly. I also add what they call, LSI Keywords in the text.
LSI keywords are kind of like sub keywords that compliment your main keyword.

I also put in anchor tags, alt tags(keywords) in all the images that only the search engines can see.

3. Citations or Local SEO

These are your local directories. Like Foursquare, yellow pages, Yelp, Local.com and so on.
This help not only your local business. But, in search engines like Google. It raises your  SEO “Trust score”.
You could go on something like Yext and flip out like $350 for ONE year.
This will fix some of them
I do them myself, by hand so I make sure none of them have errors.

4. Link Building Campaigns ( Backlinks)

I also have to do research to look for not just 5 keywords/phrases. I find hundreds and thousands of these and build tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of VERY high Domain Authority backlinks, that are relevant to your industry, and those backlinks point to your website.
I find these links from blogs, directories, index’s, social media forums, image comments, Wikis and more.
It is not going to Google and typing in a term “Cars” and then tries to link from everything.
That does not work. I have to use what they call “Footprints” to find these types of sites to create a backlink from.

Here is one of them I use;
inurl:node/ or inurl:term/ or inurl:user/”cars” or whatever it may be I’m looking for.
Then, I go through one by one and create a backlink.

By creating, those backlinks from the website that are listed towards the very top will also help raise your website to the top.

I’ll give you an example.
Bob has a Meat Market and competing with Larry.
Now, both of them have the keywords in their tags. The kind of text same text and products.
Bob has a website with 800 backlinks pointing to his website.
Larry has 24,000 backlinks pointing to his.

Google will look at Larry’s Meat market as more relevant and important. Because he seems to have more of those important, high-ranking backlinks.

5. Social Media Signals.

Over the last year and a half. Google LOVES and looks for social media engagement in helping find and rank the websites that are indexed in their search engine.
They look at that as User experience. Which I’ll touch on in a bit.
I have a vast network that I send out social media signals that mention your website with a link.
They do not look for “Likes”. Likes are nice. But they want to see engagement, like sharing and posting your article, product or whatever, across the internet.
I build THOUSANDS of these. A month. I’m talking 5,000- 10,000 from all sorts.
Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Folk’d, Delicious, Reddit, Thumblr, and so on.
There are hundreds of these out there and I link to them all.
Plus, when your link is mentioned from one of those places. It also creates a MEGA high-powered SEO backlink.
Places like Facebook, Twitter and so on are toward the very top of the entire internet.

6. SEO Indexing

Once I get these backlinks submitted. I go through and index them so Google, Bing and others find them super-fast and get them in their databases ASAP.
Without doing this, it could take months for them to find them if they find them at all.

7. Private Blog Network.

I have a special system set up that if followed. It will make your website rock beyond your wildest dreams.
It will create the blog post that populates all over the internet by 20X.
Set up to be super optimized and gets index in Google within hours, not hours, not weeks.
Plus, with my system in place. It will rank extremely high in the search engine results.
It’s a super deadly system.

8. User Experience.

Google now has a thing, where when you have Google Analytics on your website. They track how long each person is on there, what pages they see and the bounce rate.
This determines your SEO ranking as well.
I go in and I improve all of that.
I do this by helping you create content, your text, all the things mentioned above.

Those my friends, are the eight SEO elements come into play with your website.

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