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Consistency is Key to Local SEO

Consistency is Key to Local SEO

Local SEO

When it comes to Local SEO, it revolves around geo-tagged data. If your company’s listings aren’t consistent throughout the internet, you are missing out on traffic that may be increasing sales and driving company. Local SEO puts your business on the map. Literally. Locally optimized websites show up with map listings and therefore are usually pinned to the top of search results. For a store that does most of their business via a brick-and-mortar setup, Local SEO can make or break your company.

Google, Yelp and Foursquare run the Vast Majority of local Search Engine Optimization queries, but Facebook and Bing are also in the game.
Mobile device usage is increasing the need for locally optimized information, and search engines which previously specialized in the conventional are changing gears to add weight to the local data that their searchers are searching for. Ensuring that your company’s listings are uniform across all of the locally driven mediums will add credibility to your business’s site and help search engines know exactly who you are and everything you’re doing. It sounds easy, and you may think you have everything together, but you would be surprised to know exactly how many variations of your organization are on the market.

For example purposes, we will fabricate a local-based small business. Mr. O’day is a new addition to the group, so it is not unusual to obtain the firm listed as Garcia, O’Day, Lawrence, and Davison.
The title is also long, therefore GOLD Law Firm is often used. These tiny differences in company name make all of the difference in results.
Phone numbers are also a simple misstep. Many businesses use an assortment of different amounts to monitoring incoming calls from different sources. As an instance, a billboard campaign may use a technical 1-800 number to track effectiveness or several local amounts for individual offices, all of which path to the same call center. Again, uniformity is ideal for neighborhood search engine optimization purposes, so select one name variation and number and stick together.

You’ll have to maintain your organization’s listing to be able to make any modifications and operate through uniformity issues. This is a process that typically requires the use of a verification PIN to ensure authenticity. Google search pulls info from Google+ to research listings and Google is the most used search engine. Other websites to check and confirm are Yelp, Bing Local, Foursquare, Facebook, Yahoo Local, Superpages.com, and the Yellow Pages. Get listed and HootSuite are great sites to assist you work through this local search engine optimization tactic, but some websites are not available through their services.

If your organization is just starting out in Local SEO you might not think balancing is an issue, but it most likely is. Just take the extra steps to ensure that the World Wide Web knows where your business is and is promoting it effectively.
Get your website and business listed to as many Local SEO websites as possible and always remember, consistency in your listing, is the key to local SEO.


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