Why SEO is such a time-consuming process.

Why SEO is such a time-consuming process.

Why SEO is such a time-consuming process.

SEO strategies

People often don’t understand why SEO takes so long. They often misunderstand “I made changes, how long does this take?” to see a change in the rankings.
What people don’t seem to realize. There are many different factors that come into play.
Think of Google, the most powerful and advanced search engine on the planet, as just an individual. Someone that just stupid, blind and cannot see pictures.
It can only read. But, just like a small child. It takes time for it to learn.

Some of the important SEO things that factor into your rankings are as follows;

  • The website it’self.
    Once you have your website. You’ll want to do a full website analysis on it. Check for any tags that may be missing.
    I normally check for Canonical tags, Title, Tags, Description, META keywords (Yes, they still matter), Your Headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) Text to image ratio, Schema tags and much more.
    I could go on and on, on this particular subject.  But, it’s a very important one. It tells Google, Bing, and others on how to READ your website. If there are errors, it gets confused and moves onto the next website. So it’s very important to make sure you have all areas fixed.
  • Website Content
    I tell people, your website needs more content. They often get confused. They think, pictures?
    No, what I mean. Pictures are OK and all. But remember Google is very dumb and blind.
    You need lots of text. Not just any text. But the text that is relevant to what your page is about.
    The more text you have on your page, explaining what it’s about. The more information Google has to place it where it needs to be.
    The more content you have, the better off you’ll be.
  • Keywords/Phrases
    When it comes to Keywords/phrases for SEO. One or two words just don’t work anymore.
    Here’s an example. I have a client who runs an auto stripe-decal store. You know the stripe kits that are found on these muscle cars?
    When my client first started out. he used keywords like Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, etc.
    I told him, that way too broad of a net to cast and it would be like trying to run uphill, carrying 500 pounds on his back.
    Also,I told him to use long tailed key phrases, on what people actually type in. Key phrases like, “Stripe kits for 2008 Ford Mustang”, etc.
    Long tailed keywords have a MUCH better chance at getting you ranked, more specific in your term and MUCH lower competition.
  • Local SEO
    Local SEO builds citations which also play an important role in SEO.
    Although there are hundreds of local and thousands of national directories. Work on the local ones to help boost your rankings.
    It will also help bring in more localize traffic to your website.
    Getting listed in Google or Bing business is OK, but nowhere near enough. You’re spinning your wheels and missing out on some golden local traffic.
  • Backlinks.
    You need not only any links. But backlinks that are relevant to what industry you’re in.
    Stay far and away from paid links. Google has them marked. Plus, many of those are not relevant to what your website is about anyway.
    So, stick strictly to links from blogs, directories, article sites, networking sites, etc, that are relevant to what you do.
    Also, find back link chances from very high domain authority and with few outgoing links from them.
    Stay away from link farms. They will give you little value or none.
  • Social Media
    In today’s world. Google likes to see social media signals.
    I’m not talking getting “likes” on your Facebook page. Although Google may like those as well. To me, that’s just a popularity thing.
    To me, Google wants to see social shares, mentions of your website with a link embedded.

There are a few more thing. But those are the most important ones.
Normally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to see results.
All you can do is work hard and in time, you’ll see slowly start seeing progress.
But, it takes a LOT of work on SEO. It’s just not a few things here and there.
If you want things done quicker? Hire an SEO company like Kentucky Indiana Web Group and we can speed up the process dramatically.
SEO is just that. SEO is a time-consuming process.

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Backlinks through Social Media Networking

Backlinks through Social Media Networking

A Great Way to build Backlinks is through Social Media Networking

Social Media Networking


I’m going to let you in on one of my biggest secrets to blogging and social media networking.
So, pay close attention to what I’m saying.

A couple of months ago, I decided to check the status of my campaign to have a domain authority rating of 45 in 90 days by creating tens of thousands of backlinks. I entered my URL to the backlink checker and to my surprise, the vast majority of my backlinks were generated by social networking websites. That wasn’t what I was anticipating, to tell you the truth I thought that my article marketing efforts were about to give me the best efforts, but that was not the case. Social media and Social bookmarking sites were in charge of over 40 percent of my overall backlinks.

Previously my very best backlink tool was the use of post promotion. I generated backlinks using article marketing by submitting 3 articles to a minimum of 50 directories each week. Using this strategy I managed to triple my ranks since lots of the posts that I submitted was chosen by additional directories or blog owners looking for articles for their sites. The process of generating backlinks when using article marketing generally takes several months. Lately, with the use of a social bookmarking program, I am ready to create hundreds of traffic every day.

Social Media Bookmarking

The social bookmarking applications I’m talking about is able to post to countless social media and social bookmarking websites like Digg, Facebook, Sphinn with just one click. Being able to submit to so many high domain authority rank social networks is similar to having the best of both worlds.
The biggest benefit is that you will receive high-quality backlinks along with the flip side you’ll also create more visitors to your site. I utilize these social networks to announce whenever I compose a new blog post or post into the directories.
As well as the obvious possibilities of traffic generation and connection construction, there are different benefits to social networking websites. If you are fortunate enough to have your article or blog post make the front page of a few of the social networks, then you just might need a new server. There have been several tales of servers crashing due to too much traffic from social networks like Digg, Sphinn and Stumble Upon.
It took me some time to learn how to take advantage of these social networking sites, but I am glad I took some time out to catch up with the rest of the world. Web 2.0 plans have introduced internet marketing to whole new masses of individuals, adding these strategies to my backlink building arsenal has created better results with less time.

Social Media Tools

One of the tools I use when I blog and to help build my massive social network is a commonly known plugin for WordPress, called Jet Pack.
With Jetpack,  it has an area that will automatically post to a few of the most popular social media websites, in the world with just a click of the button, “Publish”.
Whenever I make a post. my articles are not only picked up by Google, Bing and others. But, I get mega social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn.
How cool is that?
One single plugin allows me, when I post an article, just like the one I’m writing now. To be posted on multiple social media networks.
Once I do that. I not only post an article that will be seen everywhere. But, I gain 5 new social signals. Just from one simple post.
Within a month timeframe. That’s well over 150 backlinks from very POWERFUL social media websites.
That number is just alone in my effort.

No, here’s the very big secret to all of this.
If anyone likes your article and say they “share”, “retweet”copy or whatever. That can make one simple post go absolutely viral.
Just from a simple post can be seen and picked up over several hundred to ten of thousands of social media backlinks.
That’s kind of like a pyramid effect.
But don’t worry, this isn’t a scam. Just a reality on how the search engines and the world works.

So, grab and install the Jetpack plugins for WordPress, get connected to those social media accounts and get blogging.
Before you know it. Between the high social media signals, and backlinks you created from them.
You’re not only boosting your SEO backlinks. But you’re building thousands of backlinks through social media.

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Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO


Multilingual SEO is very complexed in nature and is a process of expanding your website so it is compatible with a various number of different languages and cultural differences.
For example, if you want to appeal to the global market, with different languages, search engines used. With Multilingual SEO, you really have to be on top of your game and know what you’re doing.
Here in the USA, a majority of people use Google and Bing. While say in Europe, they use different search engines than what we use.
In the UK and in Germany, they prefer Bing. In Russia, they use Yandex. In Germany, they use Conduit which is a portal for Google powered search engine.
The Czech Republic, where Seznam is dominant and The Netherlands has a huge Google culture. No other engine can even come close to the market share of Google 95%. Vinden.nl still is a well known and has a much smaller share and is still well known but, still realize on some of Google technologies.
So, you really need to know what you’re doing to get the desired results.
It just not the search engines you’re dealing with. But also languages, cultures, and lingo.
That’s a whole new ballgame 10X over.

What is required for Multilingual SEO?

It’s essential to have an understanding of what people are likely to be searching for using the correct keywords in the target language. You cannot just translate your site and your keywords and expect that to work because of it won’t. Certain words or phrases may be translated correctly but will not necessarily be the words and phrases that are used in a particular country

You would also need to consider common miss-spellings in each language and the possibility of slang words for a particular term. Ideally, your website should be written from scratch in the target language by a native speaker as then it will have the best chance of grabbing a share of the foreign market.

With multilingual SEO you should also ensure that it isn’t just the landing page that is translated, you really need to have several pages of relevant information if you want those conversions.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Google is the most popular search engine across the globe. Yes, it does have an international presence but it isn’t the most dominant search engine in every country. A professional in Multilingual SEO will know which search engines are the best options in different countries.

All things considered, to get the best results from Multilingual SEO to you will either have to be an expert yourself or call in an expert in multilingual SEO to do it for you.


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How to Write a Fantastic SEO Articles

How to Write a Fantastic SEO Article

SEO articles

Promoting whatever it is that you need to pass onto your readers, you can get a fantastic offer of results from material on the site like websites, internet forums, short SEO articles, and testimonials. There isn’t really a choice anyhow; the material needed to fit these criteria of ” excellence” in order to acquire Google’s favor.
In Search Engine Optimization are growing in complexity to keep up especially as the formulas used.

Below, I shall mention the critical qualities that internet search engines and engines alike search for.
It isn’t actually tough to create just what is optimal, as you just have to hold out a fast check on the number of words found in the post, and ideally a quick editorial. Of all, it is an absolute policy to prevent them. This is usually because SEO algorithms generally concern as junk material under 300 words.

You might think that this point it isn’t too much of a big deal, think twice. What is evident is that the article needs to revolve around the topic. Without doing so, it will tend to lead off readers.
You ‘d be perhaps so amazed, or shocked numerous readers may get frustrated.
Choosing and using particular keywords is the most critical advantage in SEO articles optimization as they signify your whole works. Just enjoy the search engine optimization formulas will select at facets like word thing,

Just enjoy the search engine optimization formulas will select at facets like word thing, Keywords seem straight in the face of judgment, and thus tweaking in marginally the wrong way may lead to a place on SERP, how they match.
The thing we have with key words is extremely aggressive. It requires a head of instinct and resourcefulness to presume ones up that will probably win the competition. Put the words have to be catchy/noticeable, applicable, and particular.
The perfect number of times a keyword appears within the material is calculated as part. I will simply put across a listing of the high degree formula of percentages: it’s the word count divided by keyword count occasions 100 which provides your percent to you.
When writing SEO articles. I often use what they call LSI Keywords. Between those keywords/phrases that are relevant to the topic that you are writing about.
That will help total up your score for the search engines.

Things to keep in mind when writing SEO articles.

SEO article titles

Titles on your articles can be a major factor. If defines what your  SEO article is about.
I always try to use the key phrase or keywords that I’m targeting, in the title.
Always use your titles, with a <H1> tag.

SEO article body

It’s important to use the keywords/phrases you are targeting in your article a number of times. But, try not to be too spammy on them.
Being too spammy can give you a low-grade article.
Some of the things, I like to do is have the keyword/phrases used a handle of times and then use LSI Keywords, that are relevant to your articles to help boost your SEO score.
I also add those main keywords/phrases I use and make them bold. That will tell the search engines that the keyword that I’m using is focused on my article.

Last, the very last paragraph in an article.

Try to use your the main keyword/phrases used, to close out the SEO articles you’re writing.

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Social Media and Promoting Content

Social Media and Promoting Content

Social Media is Best for Promoting Content

social media

Promotion through social media is listed as one of the best advertising techniques that you can do with promoting content. The hierarchy of the b2b has adored their experience of articles marketing through social media and they consider it the best way of content advertising. There’s little doubt about the fact that media is all about opportunities that are endless. With people coming from varied backgrounds, it’s easier to create brand recognition and target the particular audience you need to for content marketing. Here are top ten reasons why you should choose sociable websites.

You Hit The ideal Audience During Social Media

With one relevant hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, you might wind up the perfect type of audience you will need to publicize your content. Given that a range of pursuits thrives at social networking.
Giving plenty of diversity is observed in interests, the folks who were not interested in certain products have become huge fans of a particular product, all thanks to content marketing. In the background, we obtained about 20,000 visitors, also have observed someone share on connection on Reddit on a weekend. Who wouldn’t need this degree of efficacy?
It is good for the wellness of your website.
Search engine optimization can ascertain the health of a site or website. Content marketing aim is to bring website traffic to your website or site. It’s the task of the search engine crawlers to find out which site pages are earning visitors. Certainly, the search engine results pages SERPs site or the site will have a higher google ranking and as a component of SEO will bring more traffic.

Best Way To Connect To A Social Media Network

Are you seeking to build powerful relations for your subscribers? Believe me, you are not going to come across any better chance than websites and receive regular feedback. Is it possible to read tweets each day and learn more about their customer behavior and bend your promotion strategy a little?
Sometimes your allies ‘ are lying somewhere on the market, and a simple reply to their tweet can you closer to the journalism community and put you in their good books
The messages are more engaging about Social Media. People usually shy away from advertising messages. They might get offended if you spam their timelines. Instead, what works great on social media is straightforward messages. The Facebook and Twitter users expect user encounters and not messages embedded with advertising terminologies. Try to send the messages that then connecting your site, and seem in their curiosity can generate severe traffic, likes and retweets can automate content promotion.

It Helps In Building Strong Brand Pictures

Showing more action on social networking means that you’re engaging with your consumers. There is much more like a direct problem-solving situation that is happening. In addition, you bring personality on your networking account once you share personal experiences and relate it to blog or your website. Since it doesn’t engage, this approach is much better than signing away and simply posting a URL. People today get to find out who you really are and what your vision is. This way they will synchronize in ways with you.
Content marketing through social media, no doubt is one of the greatest approaches in order to bring more visitors to your website or blog. The best thing about networking is its high nature which helps you locate your intended audience within a restricted time.
With given time, patience and persistence. Promoting content through social media can be very beneficial.

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