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The race towards HTTPS secure web browsing

The race towards HTTPS secure web browsing

There’s a lot of movement lately that the next big thing that will come to search engines like, Google and Bing are heading towards websites using a HTTPS secure connection.
If you haven’t noticed. We are quickly heading towards  “secure by default” web browsing.
For instance, early this year. Websites that are in the top quarter percent of Alexa were all forcing the HTTP scheme.
That number has been gradually increasing since then.

Percentage of websites using https connection

Now that is a large increase among the BIG players on the web.
But the trend is clear and increasing rapidly.
It’s clear that HTTPS is being forced at an incredible rate.
Website not secured
The “shaming” of websites serving login or payment forms insecurely began with Chrome the first of the year.
But the reason for this post is because life is going to start getting much harder for websites that don’t use HTTPS.

Look at the example below.
As you can see, that even some of the heavyweights don’t use it yet.
But browsers are letting web surfers know, that the website isn’t secure.

How to secure your website


An insecure form means that the contents of the search may be intercepted and conceivably, that could contain data that the user would prefer didn’t fall into the hands of someone listening in on the connection.
Maybe with a website like ESPN, most surfers wouldn’t be alarmed.
However, if you think about it.  If a website isn’t sure. Maybe they could have fields where you enter information.
It may not be credit card information. But, it could contain forms that have information about you. An insecure connection where someone could be listening in and gathering your info.
Like, name, address, phone number, etc.

Major search engines like Google, Bing and others are recognizing this pattern.

We know secure pages are secure because the browser tells us so. We know non-secure pages are not secure because the browser doesn’t tell us that they’re secure. Make sense?
It’s clear to me. That the internet is quickly moving away from insecure connections.

My suggestion.
It would be painful to wake up one day and see that Google has run an update and your website falls off in the rankings. Only to find that websites with the HTTPS secure connection have risen to the top of the SERPs.
I have no idea when this will happen. But, I see it coming in the near future.

If you’re not on top of it. When it does happen.
You’ll remember reading this.

Jeff Laycock
Kentucky Indiana Web Group



What are LSI Keywords and what to do with them.

What are LSI Keywords and what to do with them?

LSI Keywords

What is LSI?

Ok, so yesterday I wrote an article called, “Article Writing To Help Promote Websites
I must admit. It didn’t go deep enough into how to get maximized effect from your articles.
Today, I’m going to show you how.

When people write articles. They write about whatever the topic maybe. But some of the things, when writing the articles, content for your websites or whatever it may be.
Think about including what they call LSI Keywords into it.
LSI Keywords are essentially keywords related to the keyword that you search for on search engines such as Google. Basically, they are keywords that are semantically linked to your main keyword.
So, according to Google. Incorporating more LSI Keywords into your page/ articles will help you get ranked higher.
Why?? Because in a sense, they are all relevant to the main Keyword/phrase.

I’m going to use an example here.
I use a FREE tool called LSI Graph.
With LSI Graph, you can type in a term and get the relevant LSI Keywords/phrases that go with your main keyword.

SO, my main topic is SEO.
When I type in SEO, these are the results I got below.

As you can see, while writing about SEO, it’s important to use these key LSI Keywords/Phrases into my articles.
Using these LSI Keywords will help you learn SEO and getting your website on search engines.
Here, you can optimize for free.
These are top website optimization techniques used every day by top SEO Consultants.

As you can clearly see. I used a handful of those LSI Keywords and can even incorporate those keywords/phrases into my main keyword tag.
So, when Google comes through. They see what the website is about and they get a full understanding of what the article is about and how to rank it due to relevancy.

SEO isn’t hard to learn. Just as anything out there, it takes the time to learn SEO.
SEO is like a game of chess. Some chess matches take a very long time to play, complete with strategies on being your opponent, Google.

If you don’t have time. Then perhaps, maybe hire a top SEO Consultant to help you get going.

Who knows, those are my thoughts for today.

LSI keyword is a must for any article or website.
If you have questions or thoughts.
Give me a shout!!

Jeff Laycock
Kentucky Indiana Web Group

Article Writing To Help Promote Websites

Article Writing To Help Promote Websites

Articles help seo

In particular, those who do not own a lot of article advertising background, A great many business owners, possess the swell notion that receiving fantastic links because of their sites is a tactic.  That is not actually a hundred percent right because building hyperlinks, when done wrong, can plunge your own sites.  There are a wide variety of strategies to build links to your internet website, and up to now, the benefits of article marketing much surpass link construction procedures.

Links are generated by some webmasters by posting their websites to thousands of directories.  It’s almost a good thing for search engines and index your own websites.  But that is pretty much it.  There are.

Other webmasters prefer to posting on forums and blogs to create backlinks to their websites.  Since it helps the owner to communicate with others on the 20, this is a link construction process that is better.  Human beings will likely see click through to see what your business has to offer, see the hyperlinks, and respond to the articles.  This really is a pain.  It requires a lot of time to post on forums and sites, and it requires time to remember your websites and you.

Article advertising is usually chosen by the pro-Internet Marketers over the rest of the link building procedures for a few factors.  Article marketing allows them to receive their message out there very quickly.  They allow the readers have a record of the services and products which they need to share, by creating articles.  If readers wish to explore more on the subject, they visit website lives and also always have the ability to click the hyperlinks in the author bio boxes.

Apart from higher search engine rankings and traffic, this approach is also readily scalable.  There’s an impact on a growing number of articles get submitted and approved by the article directories.  Readers will inevitably learn how to trust that the authors more as could see for themselves the quality of the information that’s put forward by the post marketers if done regularly over a few months.

It’s tantamount to having your own site or website for customer communications, except that you have tens of thousands of avenues.  Article marketers understand how to use this procedure to let others see themselves.  Since the web is about traffic, there is no need to mention, people who aren’t implementing article marketing will certainly drop in the long run.

The publishers can get a great amount of traffic as these top quality info get syndicated to hundreds of other sites and also indexed by the search engines.  Guess who is going to consume the market in the very long run having a lot of visitors coming to their websites?  It doesn’t take someone to answer that query.

I suggest that you start looking into executing this method, if you’re not into article marketing, however.  Do it.  Compose and distribute five posts each day, and you can junk the program, should you’d find some results.  But odds are, you are more likely to become hooked when you see the tangible benefits.

A Secret Method to Get Thousands of Free Backlinks

A Secret Method to Get Thousands of Free Backlinks

It may be incredibly time consuming and occasionally look like your hard work is not paying off in any way.  If you consider the alternative of buying traffic, then it will most likely frighten you back to building free backlinks.

The ‘conventional’ free backlink techniques such as posting on forums and commenting on blogs still do the job very well.  The only problem is that many of forums and blogs now have a nofollow tag which renders all connections useless for the purposes of connection building at least.

Because free backlinks are for the most part on low domain authoritative pages (although they are on high DA sites) you will need a good deal of them to actually boost the Page Authority on your site.  Constructing a million free backlinks can have quite a while and if you aren’t consistent and diligent it is simple to fall behind.

There is plenty of great new sites and tools coming out to help you feed this hungry monster.  Not only can tools such as Linkvana and ArticleMarketer save you an enormous quantity of time, it still may construct backlinks for you at a scale that is not possible to do manually.  If you want to be competitive in the current marketing mad web, then you are going to have to get smarter just to keep up with your competitors.

Backlinking tools can get expensive.  Renting a $149 per month fee isn’t cheap – and that is just for one tool.

That’s one of the principal reasons why I like to think beyond the box with link building.  Among the most powerful techniques for assembling thousands of completely free backlinks is in receiving your rear links to construct automatically.

How do you do that?

There are several approaches but the best on will be to sponsor a WordPress Theme and at sponsoring it, then you get to embed your URL in the footer.  By making your WordPress Theme available for downloading topic directories, you can potentially get gigantic exposure.

Think about it.  If only one website uses your subject and then they have 10 pages indexed, then that’s 10 backlinks to your site.  100\% automatic and 100\% ‘complimentary’.  Several of the very popular WordPress Themes get thousands and thousands of downloads a week.

Making this link building method work nicely for you requires a bit of expertise.  You need to have an excellent layout.  This is what will make people really use your motif and ultimately send tens of thousands of backlinks to your website.

Be sure to use anchor text on your link since this will include even more link juice each and every one of those links.  This process will probably not offer you immediate results, but if you do this nicely it will pay, unlike any other link construction procedure.  These can be 100\% valid links from 100\% actual sites.  No dodgy link exchanges or tedious blog commenting.

WordPress SEO Hacks to Boost Your Company Website Traffic

WordPress SEO Hacks to Boost Your Company Website Traffic

wordpress hacks


Most of us want sites which are search-engine friendly.  But sometimes when you’re busy it’s easy to publish a new blog article and be off to the next thing on your to-do list.
Over the years, this could definitely damage your search engine optimization efforts.  That is why I’ve put together this short hit list of things you can do in order to boost your WordPress SEO.
Schedule these jobs in your calendar to turn your website traffic soar!

1)  Post New Stuff Consistently

Google includes a bias towards new content.  Section of Google’s algorithm looks at just how new the content is and gives preference to more recent outcomes.  So publishing original content on a regular basis is vital.
Also size issues in regards to content.  Generally longer content ranks higher than briefer content.  So try to make your post at least 500 words.

2)  Produce a Keywords List

If SEO is a priority, then you will want to develop a keyword list.  This is basically a Record of  Keywords and keywords which describe your products and services.  These keywords should include words from search phrases that are more likely to be used to find your offerings online.
Google has some amazing tools to earn keyword research easy for example Google Search, Google Suggest, Google Instant and Google Wonder Wheel.

Tip: if you would like a very targeted keyword listing, seek the services of a search engine optimization expert!

3)  Put in an SEO Plugin

This will allow you to set keyword-rich customized titles and Meta descriptions to get your posts to get search engines.
A couple of popular Search Engine Optimization plug-ins to Think about are All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast.
This is something that your web designer or an SEO professional can easily set up for you.

4) Submit to directories

What good is a website if no one can find it?  That’s why getting indexed in Google and the other search engines and directories will be one of the most effective ways of getting free targeted traffic to your site.
You’ve probably seen plenty of automatic entry services where you pay a small fee to allow them to submit your website to hundreds of search engines.  These services not just will not help — they can really hurt you.
Just about all these free directories never ever send a real visitor to your website and receiving links from them can damage your ability to rank at the actual search engines such as Google and Bing.
The best practice is to manually submit your website to search engines on the web.  WordPress makes this simple once you set up an account in Google, Bing, and Yandex Webmaster Tools.

5)  Add Tags to your Posts

WordPress, straight out of the box, which comes prepared to adopt engines.  The tags features are one of these SEO friendly qualities you ought to make the most of.
Make sure to add pertinent keyword-rich tags to every article you print.

6) External links or other blogs

Start linking more to the other people’s articles in their sites and motivate them to link back to you personally.
1 search engine factor that Google considers is backlinking.  A website that has more backlinks is considered more of an authority site and gets higher rankings.

7)  Block Spam Opinions

If folks leave comments on your website, it counts as articles to Google.  Therefore, in the event that you have a website about DIY crafts and also someone leaves 5 opinions about “cheap enhancement pills’ that destroys your keyword relevancy and hurts your rankings.

So blocking junk comments from posting to your blog will enhance your SEO – and make your real blog readers happy.

8)  Internal Linking

One simple method to get more visitors would be to include internal links to your own blog articles.

For example when you have an article on Overcoming Your Resistance to Blog Writing, then at the bottom of that article you may post links to “Other Associated Articles You Might Enjoy”: 4 Content Marketing Trends for Business Owners at 2017 and other related articles.  WordPress SEO by Yoast does this automatically for you since you can see at the bottom of this article.

9)  Use Image Alt Tags

For every image, you use in this post, make certain you insert the Alt tag to allow them to rank better in image searches.  This is another excellent place to place relevant keyword phrases.

Google has an image search function that operates in pretty much the exact same way as the page search with keywords and relevance.  Thus adding Alt tags assists Google to locate and add your images when someone does an image search engine

10)  Tweak Blog Post Titles

If you quickly wrote titles to your website articles before, make the time to review them first before releasing.
Your  Blog article titles are vitally important to your search engine optimization rankings so evaluate the keywords utilized for your keyword list and make your blog names more keyword loaded.

11)  Insert Social Media Sharing Buttons

If Google sees a website article is getting a lot of articles and shares on social networking, it boosts the ranking of the blog post.
Thus making it simple for readers to share with your articles helps others Tweet and share your good content!

12)  Update Your Theme

Not all WordPress themes are SEO Friendly and also the completely free WordPress themes might be hurting your search engine rankings as a result of this.
Having a premium WordPress theme ensures that your content will be indexed by the various search engines since the programmers have taken particular time to optimize every aspect in terms of both safety and SEO.

It is intelligent to be certain your motif programming isn’t bloated with inefficient code which slows down page load times.  We find that a lot of purchased themes and that’s the reason why we just provide custom built and assembled WordPress themes for our customers.

Jeff Laycock
Kentucky Indiana Web Group

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