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Are Directories Still a Fantastic Type of Link Building?

Are Directories Still a Fantastic Type of Link Building?

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The question is, are Directories still a great way to link building? This question keeps looking and also for me at the time of composing this the answer could be explained in this subsequent article. The reason this question has been raised again is that Google has removed its recommendation to submit to directories out of its webmaster’s guidelines.

However, I do not think this means that the search engine will quit taking directories links into account. It simply feels that it doesn’t need to recommend this tactic anymore. This does seem a little confusing and you have to ask why Google has removed this advice, it more than probable that this is a little portion of a larger picture which Google is operating on. Google is unlikely to tell us exactly what this is and as usual, we will need to work it out for ourselves.

I really do believe however that there are changes going on in the search engine result pages that I will describe a few of the latest ones below. With some search phrases with more informational sites seems to be showing up as Google believes a greater proportion of individuals might be seeking advice on a topic rather than to be faced will a list of businesses.
Though Pagerank is immaterial in regards to SEO it appears to be getting an, even more, less of an impact these days.

Let’s return to the topic of directories the good thing about directories is that they are good for co-citation. This means that what your website is associated with. As an example, if you had a link to your website on a page with tons of different links to, let us say link directories then Google may think that your website is connected to this industry. If you want to assess what your co-citation is just clicking the similar pages link beside your listings in the search engine results pages.

So to answer the question at the top of the post are directories still a fantastic form of link building? And at the time of writing this piece, I’d say yes, however, I’m sure folks would disagree. I can nevertheless prove that this still works as I’ve seen it work on several sites as well as on my own. Just remember to ensure you’re submitting to great quality directories such as the one above and don’t just submit to some directory that is old.

But, there are a few that are still worthy and take quite of bit of weight on link building. Directories such as DMOZ, even though they do have a few issues with finding people to monitor certain sections. But, as a rule of thumb. You should never dismiss a quality directory when it comes to link building.

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