Why your website is worthless.

 Why your website is worthless.

social media

For some of you that have an existing website. Have you ever sat there and wondered why you have a fantastic looking website and it sits there. Dead with little or no traffic? You could have the very best website in the world, selling your services or products. But, if no one knows you’re out there. You’re just wasting your time.

The days of, “If you build it. They will come” are long gone. Long gone by 10-15 years. Today’s competitive search engines are much more than just header tags put into place. Nowadays, you have search engines like Google, perfecting the way websites rank on their search engines.


In today’s world, websites rank from not only, the header tags, within your website. But, they also come from a variety of different places. SEO is also done by backlinks, social media shares, likes, tweets, pins, blog commenting, blog writing, etc. I could go on and on forever. Now, you could hire an SEO Expert, such as us to do all the heavy lifting or just learn and do, as you go. However, there is one small tool that may help. It’s free unless you choose to upgrade.

It’s called, LinkCollider. You’ll find the link here.

It’s a social sharing tool, where others, like yourself, can share your website, with the world. The program is completely free. You collect “tokens” but liking, sharing others websites and then post your website, page, or whatever. Others will post yours, in exchange. Now you can upgrade to a paid program. But, others, like myself do the freebie version. It’ll slowly collect those so very important “inbound” social media and inbound links. Do this small thing, each and every day or even every few days for a couple weeks or month and you’ll start noticing your SEO website traffic, start to climb.

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ICANN Verification

 Don’t mess around with ICANN Verification


I wanted to share a story with you, that happened to me several years ago.

Several years ago. I was notified by Godaddy, my domain provider, that my ICANN Verification was due.
Nothing major, I thought at the time.
It was just wanting me to go in and verify our contact information.

I was a little suspicious of the email.
I have never gotten such an email from Godaddy for ICANN Verification before on the issue.
Especially since all contact info was correct.

As a result, we were on page NUMBER ONE in graphic design and web design, in Google’s search results.
As a result, I didn’t verify, like I should’ve.
My domain was shut down until I verified and just the hour or so, it was off.
Our traffic took a nose dive and lord behold. We weren’t on the very first page.
As a result, we lost about 3,500 visitors a day, to a tenth of that.

So, take it from me.
You get an ICANN Verification from your domain provider or ICANN.
Make sure, you verify the information.

It could be costly, putting such a simple, 30-minute task to the side.



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