ICANN Verification

I wanted to share a story with you, that happened to me several years ago.

Several years ago. i was notified by Godaddy, my domain provider, that my ICANN Verification was due.
Nothing major, I thought at the time.
It was just wanting me to go in and verify our contact information.

I was a little suspicious of the email.
I never have gotten such an email from Godaddy or ICANN before on the issue.
Especially since all contact info was correct.

As a result, we were on page NUMBER ONE in graphic design and web design, in Google’s search results.
As a result, I didn’t verify, like I should’ve.
My domain was shut down, until I verified and just the hour or so, it was off.
Our traffic took a nos dive and lord behold. We weren’t on the very first page.
As a result, we lost about 3,500 visitors a day, to a tenth of that.

So, take it from me.
You get a Verification from your domain provider or ICANN.
Make sure, you verify the information.

It could be costly, putting such a simple, 30 minute task to the side.